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What is it?
At ModelMe Photo Adventures, we not only select the best photos from our photo shoots before you get them, we also do an extensive Post-Production. Many people have asked what Post-Production is all about and so, we'll try to explain.

Post-Production is all about making your photos look great
When you see a nice photo of a model or celebrity in a magazine, all of those "nasties" have been removed by a retouch artist. Just do a Google search for "celebrities before and after photoshop". You'll be surprised at the difference and may feel a lot better about your own look.

What's involved in Post-Production
We first start by looking at each photo we take and select only the ones where you look your very best. When we are satisfied with the selection, we begin to remove "The Nasties". They are those things that we don't want in the photos when we show our family and friends. There are a lot of those and they show up on photos taken with a good camera that captures all the details. Post-Production can be very time consuming and is the biggest part of what we charge for our photo shoots.

We begin by retouching Skin imperfections
A good camera not only captures hair details, but also skin texture and along with it those ugly pimples, wrinkles, veins and other imperfections. Through digital retouching, we can remove or at least make those nasties look less obvious.

Background Nasties
These are things that create a distraction in a photograph. Things like trash, a pop can, hydro wires, someone's dog or cat, or a mark on a sidewalk are just some examples. Sometimes, we don't realize they are there when we take the photographs or we have no choice but to put them in the picture. In Post-Production we do our best to get rid of these or at least try to cover them up.

Colour correction
Sometimes, the inevitable happens and we end up with pictures that are less than perfect. Fortunately, digital photography let us make corrections in
Post-Production where we can do some adjustments to the brightness, colour and sharpness of the photograph and bring our picture back to life.
We check each photo to ensure you get our very best.

Photo Manipulation
Sometimes also referred to as retouching, photo manipulation is where we take your picture and insert it into another background, add graphics and get creative to end up with unique images that are different from typical photographs. Note that Photo Manipulation is not included in the basic price and carries extra charges.

Ready to give it a shot?
If you think you're ready for something different and a lot of fun,
call or text us at 519-761-1167.
We will setup a meeting with you in a mutually agreed upon place
to discuss the details and answer all of your questions.


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