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By now you're wondering what all this is going to cost.
Fear not, our prices are very reasonable.

MODELME PHOTO ADVENTURE sessions start at $50.00
You get to choose whether you just need one or two photos or you would rather
go for our full Photo Adventure and become a model for a day.
We offer Photo Adventures that will fit your budget.

Included in all packages:

A consultation
We begin with our initial get together where discuss all the details
of the shoot, when and where the shoot will take place and how to prepare.

The Photo Shoot
Depending on what package you choose, our photo shoot can take from 15 minutes to 3 hours and up (Not including our travel to locations).

Selected images from the photo shoot are put through Post-Production
where they are adjusted for color balance and retouched.

Hi-Resolution DVD
Finally, the best images are recorded onto a DVD, ready for you
to do with as you wish. From this DVD, you can get as many prints made as you want at any photo print centre.

Beyond the basic package
What you get in our basic packages is a pretty good deal.
However, keep in mind that while you are getting some very nice photos,
there is more that can be done to make them even better.

Our basic packages are limited to our local area of Delhi and outskirts.
While there are some great spots for photographs here, there are other
places that offer even more uniqueness to the pictures.
Places such as Cambridge with its great stone structures, Backus Mill
and Pioneer Villages with charming old buildings or Niagara Falls with
terrific gardens all add to the ambiance of the photos.
Unfortunately, we need to charge for time and travel to these places.
This would be charged at $25.00/hr above the basic price.

Special Effects Photo Manipulations
Perhaps you would like something even more than just good photos.
We can create an 'Artistic' image, give your photos that 'Vintage' look
or even put your image into a 'fantasy world'.
Photo Manipulations are charged at $25.00/hr.
The photos below are a few samples of Photo Manipulation.

Ready to give it a shot?
If you think you're ready for something different and a lot of fun,
call or text us at 519-761-1167.
We will setup a meeting with you in a mutually agreed upon place
to discuss the details and answer all of your questions.

* All prices are subject to change without notice


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