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If you've reached this page, we'll assume you think this could be fun
and perhaps it's a chance to get some decent pictures into your photo album.
But you're still not sure and have questions that need answering.
Good, hopefully we can answer them here.
If you question is not answered on this page, give us a call at 519-761-1167
and we'll do our very best to answer it for you.

How does it work?
We begin by setting up a meeting between you and the photographer where we get to know each other and plan our photo shoot. We talk about what kind of photos you like, what wardrobe we'll use and a location. We'll also set a date for our shoot at that time. At the shoot, we just have fun taking photographs. The photographer then goes through each photograph and picks out the best images from the shoot. Each selected image is then thoughly inspected and retouched or adjusted for quality. Once post-production is complete, you get all of the images on a CD that you can view on your computer and print.

"I'm not a model and I look terrible in photos"
We would love to have a dime for every time we heard that statement.
As we mentioned before, good photos don't just happen. A good way to overcome that way of thinking is to do a Google image search for "Celebrities without makeup'. The results should give you a good idea of what can be done with proper planning, a creative photographer and an experienced post-production artist.

My body shape is certainly not suited for these kinds of photos
You would be surprised what a proper pose, lighting and camera angle can accomplish. Good photographers have many tricks up their sleeve to make bodies look a lot slimmer than they are. Even if the odd, unwanted part of a body sneaks into a picture, post-production can take care of it without having it look unnatural.

I don't have a very good skin complexion
If you Googled 'Celebrities without makeup' as we suggested above, you'll notice that even 'The beautiful ones' are far from perfect. We can remove those nasty wrinkles, lumps and bumps, all while keeping your look natural and without having you look like a 'China Doll'.

What is 'Post-Production'?
There's one thing that (unfortunately) a camera is very good at. It picks up details better than our eyes do. These details could be a stray hair, a bit of dirt on clothing and yes, those nasty wrinkles, pimples and bits of skin imperfections that most people don't even notice. Post-Production is the process of looking at each photograph and going through the better ones to getting rid of all the nasties that should not be there.

I have no idea how to pose for pictures
Don't worry, we'll teach you how! If you can understand "Move your left hand down just a little bit" or "Tilt your head slightly to the right", then you're ready to start posing like a super model. Actually, the posing part often 'breaks the ice' and ends up being loads of laughter and a lot of fun.

Where are the photographs taken?
They can be taken just about anywhere. We try to choose a location that suits the style of the photograph. It could be a park, a downtown street, a backyard, a farm, beach, a or the privacy of our own studio. Note that some places charge for entry or even require a fee for photograhy sessions. We also charge an extra fee if we need to travel beyond our local area.

What about hair, make-up and wardrobe?
We can hire a stylist or make-up artist if you wish, but in order to keep the cost down we suggest you look after that yourself. As for wardrobe, we discuss that during our consulting session with you. Most people have what they need in their personal wardrobe. For fantasy style photos, thrift stores are a great source of costumes.

What about boudoir photography?
Yes, we do that too. Don't worry, like all of our shoots, we keep our sessions very discreet and private. The entire session is done privately with only you and the photographer present. Only you and the photographer get to see the photos. Any photo you don't like gets deleted. We can do boudoir shoots at your home, in our studio or at a location of your choosing.

Do you also photograph experienced models?
Absolutely! Whether you are experienced or just starting out, we offer in-studio and on-location photo shoots. Our post production and retouching skills result in terrific photographs that are worthy of any portfolio.

Ready to give it a shot?
If you think you're ready for something different and a lot of fun,
call or text us at 519-761-1167.
We will setup a meeting with you in a mutually agreed upon place
to discuss the details and answer all of your questions.


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